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purchase and installment

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Terms of purchase

After deciding to purchase an apartment in the Echo park residential complex, you need to visit sales department office where our qualified staff will help you to select the optimal option and arrange the deal.

When buying an apartment, you conclude a preliminary purchase and salecontract of ownership, on the basis of which the apartment is reserved at a fixed price in hryvnia for a term of 3 days. Afterwards you conclude the main purchase contract. In case it is signed later, the price is reconsidered with the account of dollar rate at the moment of contract conclusion.

On the day of closing the transaction, the stock auction takes place, and, besides the purchase contract, the client receives a stock certificate proving that this apartment is his purchase. Also, the buyer can ascertain that the ownership is legally after him upon checking the information in the public stock register.

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Terms of Installment

You can buy an apartment in Echo park residential area by installment on very favourable conditions from the developer. 70 % of the residential fund are liable to interest-free installment until the building is brought into operation. Apartments of different types, sizes, and price categories are offered on terms of installment.

We also propose flexible schedules of payment and the possibility of its pre-term completion. At that you are not obliged to any additional security payment or commissions as when paying mortgage at banks.

Today, buying an apartment from a developer is the best housing solution. Reliability and punctuality of the developer are proved by its flawless reputation, Swiss name, and a successful experience of implementing a number of building projects.

* For more details, please, contact our sales department managers.


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